Dea Jewellery is a contemporary British jewellery brand, founded and designed by Kareena Assomull. The brand was built around her love for accessories and an urge to build her fellow women up everywhere. Designing pieces that were simple and ethereal but strong. The designs bring more than aesthetics to women; they bring features of a modern goddess, those of more vigorous traits, such as power, strength and protection. It is these fundamental feelings that exemplified Dea, the brand she hoped to illustrate, encouraging strength over beauty, and mind over

Being of Indian Origin, and growing up in Nigeria was a huge muse to Kareena. She was brought up around such tribal authentic African fashion and art, as well as her own cultural influences of traditional Indian jewellery, and during the golden age of the hip-hop era. The 90's will never be forgotten for the fashion it depicted, chokers, chains, and huge amounts of gold. These are all key in Dea Jewellery's 18k gold vermeil collections.